7 Time Management Tips

Time is crucial in our modern world. Lots of people try to increase their standard of living by following courses of all kinds or by starting an own business, or by investing with wisdom. Time is a crucial factor and many times stands in the way to complete many things successfully.
That’s why we list 7 time management tips to boost your success rates and productiveness.

  1. Make notes on how you spend your time to see where it actually goes to.
    Get a personal information manager to start with to schedule time blocks. Monitor your activities closely.
    Huge time wasters are messing around on the Net, frequently checking email boxes, gaming and chatting, watching too much television, loafing and overuse of cell phones.

    Get rid of these time wasters when you detect them or at the very least put them into more specific and small time slots.

    YOU are the only person who can take charge of YOUR time, don’t let other people, activities or things take over.

  2. Before you start your day, quickly write down 3 main things you want to accomplish that day.
    Do this first thing in the morning. When you start working, prioritize those 3 tasks and get them done.

    If you don’t succeed in completing them, take a bit of time to solve why and re-adapt your planning so you do complete your goals in a successful manner. Maybe you plan more than you can do, possibly you need help…but find out why it failed so you don’t make the same errors every day and not accomplish your goals. Set yourself up to be a winner instead!

  3. If you have a difficult task at hand that you can’t complete right now, break it into smaller junks and do them first. Getting daunting tasks done first makes you move on. It also motivates when you see your list of tasks accomplished!
    If you aren’t able to do it, consider outsourcing it.
  4. If you have boring tasks to do, interchange doing them with things you enjoy. As you reward completing boring task with working at more pleasurable ones, it will keep momentum going.
    time management tips
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  5. Reward yourself from time to time, certainly if you get such tasks done with. It’s a ‘job well done’! Rewards don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Just enjoy the little things in life, like a new book, a movie, a small trip. Invite your friends so you can enjoy your rewards together.
  6. Say ‘NO’ once in a while and continue your own activities. Stop worrying about the consequences. Just move on!
  7. If you use a computer for many hours a day, take a stand-up break up every 60 minutes to stretch, give your legs muscles a bit of action and close your eyes to give them a break.