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Your Mind Power Attracts Your Rewards

We have all witnessed attraction at work. We understand how magnets attract. And, in less tangible ways, we understand being attracted to people, things or experiences. Attraction at the molecular level holds the very universe together. So what does mind power have to do with attraction? The law of attraction encompasses both the physical and […]

3 Tips for Improving Your Memory

Having a good memory can benefit anyone from professionals such as doctors, accountants, and engineers, students and even senior citizens. Our brains have an amazing capacity and only a small part of it is used. However, if you know the right techniques, you can improve your memory and by doing that improve your life. According […]

Improving your self esteem

A low self esteem can ruin your life. If you have a low self esteem, you need to take steps to improve it. Small changes in how you see yourself can make huge changes in how you live your life. Improvement in your self-esteem begins with you believing that you can do something about it. […]

Change is in Your Hands

Many people are put off from achieving what they really want to do in life simply because they do not have belief in themselves that they can, for these people the words “if only” are their first thought. Little do they realize that they have the power within themselves to accomplish anything if they are […]

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