Self Improvement from the Inside Out

Self Improvement is really about becoming awake to who we are, how we feel, and how we impact others.
When we choose to take a path toward self improvement, it is often fueled by a desire to feel better and live a more fulfilled life. We become motivated by feelings of discontent and emptiness, searching for meaning and happiness. Once awake, we can make conscious choices about the life we create.

Sometimes we enter the path of self improvement because we feel pressured by a loved one or receive an ultimatum from an authority figure. We respond to statements such as ‘You deal with your anger, or else…’ or ‘You have to quit drinking, or else…’ But self improvement only works if we do it for ourselves, so we do need to eventually decide to “improve” for ourselves, and not because someone else told us we had to or our efforts will be shortlived.

Self improvement becomes a process of ‘owning our own stuff,’ and recognizing our projections and our blaming others for the circumstances in our lives. It is about learning we are responsible for our own happiness and wellbeing, that others cannot make us happy.
It is an inside job. Our relationships, work, activities, and interests can all enhance our lives, but none can make us happy. We have to choose that for our selves.

Self Improvement from the Inside Out
Photo Credit: Julie Morgenstern

A path of self improvement can take us in many directions. We can use any of a variety of methods to become awakened and enhance our life experience. We can choose to practice meditation, create art, participate in self help groups or therapy, read books, or attend workshops. Each of these can help us identify the unconscious influences in our lives and free us to make conscious choices that enhance our well being, happiness, contentment, sense of purpose, and our relationships to other individuals.

Deb Vadnais