This is the web site of SelfHelpGems.
Our postal address is
Postbus 132
5100 AC Dongen
The Netherlands

We can be reached via e-mail, but our email address was harvested so many times that we’ve put up a contact form.
You can still email us when you use ’support’ (anything else goes straight to the black hole) before the @ sign followed by our domain name.

On our site will invite you to subscribe to our email notification service to announce new information posted at this site.
Sometimes we add extra information to such notifications that could be of interest to you.
Subscription is always 100% OPT-IN.
All we need is your name and email address. Your name may be only your first name or first and last name.
We store this data in a file that is used only to send you our notification mails.

You can always OPT-OUT!
In every message we send you there will always be an unsubscribe option. You can use that to delete your data from our files, permanently!
There’s NO WAY of reversing this.

RSS Feeds
You can also subscribe to our RSS feed and put the link to that feed in your feed reader. Our posts will show up there.
The most remarkable feature of using these RSS feeds is that they are completely anonymous! There is no way for us to detect if you’ve subscribed to our feeds.

Purchase of products
The only information we obtain about you is information we need to process payments for purchases. For that matter we will use the industries standards regarding encryption.
Occasionally we will use this information to send you updates or messages concerning the subject of your purchase.
Your information collected is never revealed, sold, or made public for any reason.

Website statistics
We use website statistics that are standard in the industry.
Every request to any site results in some data send from the requester to that site. Servers automatically detect such information IF available.
We use an industry standard script to view such information that is made available on our servers.
For each visitor to our site, our server automatically recognizes statistics about where you came from, the pages followed, what kind of browser you use and the IP-address you have and the domain name.

The information we collect is used for internal review to improve the content of our site and to customize the content and/or layout of our page for each individual browser. After doing so, the information is then discarded.

There is NO WAY these scripts can detect who you are, where you live or any other personal data.
Besides that, although we love every one of our visitors dearly, we don’t have any interest in what you, as an individual, are doing at the site!
But we are more interested in what you as a herd are doing. We want to know how you got here, what pages you tend to visit, and what pages you don’t tend to visit. All with the purpose to increase the value of our site!

Other information volunteered by the visitor
If you send us an email we will store your information such as name and email address until the matter you write about is solved and cleared. Thereafter we will delete your personal data unless you request us to do otherwise.

In case of a survey or site registration we will store your information with the highest care for your personal data and we will only use such data for as long as strictly necessary.

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