Postpartum Weight Loss Tips

Most women start their lives as afresh mommy with an additional 8 to 15 pounds that they didn’t have before their baby was born. Some even more. Losing that excess of weight is called postpartum weight loss and should be lost in the postpartum period.

The postpartum period is the time period starting instantly after the birth of a child and extending for around six weeks. It’s also known as postnatal and, less commonly, puerperium.

Part of that weight that you put on during pregnancy was meant to nourish your baby AFTER birth.
An extra 300 calories a day is called for to maintain with the nutritional demands of your baby during pregnancy.
A breastfeeding mother needs at the least 500 additional calories per day to stay healthy and produce enough milk. Your body stacks away a bit of extra nutrition for after the birth just in case there isn’t sufficient food for its needs when it’s time to feed the new little critter.

If you’re breastfeeding, you will automatically be burning an extra 500 calories a day – which makes losing the extra weight substantially easier. As a matter of fact, you may not need to do anything extra at all to slim down. Just concentrate on eating a well-balanced, healthy, normal diet.

You won’t find losing weight quite as easy if you’re not breastfeeding. While still focussing on healthy eating, you should also do moderate exercise to burn extra calories.

Here’s more good news for new mothers.
Exercising is easier. Actually, that’s not quite right. Burning more calories is easier. Walking only for an hour burns off 200 calories. Doing so while pushing a stroller increases that figure substantially. It’s even higher when pushing a stroller uphill. You’ll get additional duty out of things you never thought about like  just plain carrying the baby, carrying the baby up and down stairs and lifting the stroller and car seat in and out of the car.

Still. If you find yourself with obstinate pounds that simply won’t chip off, exercise and a moderate reduction in calories is the way to go. Just like pregnancy isn’t the time for weight loss, just after pregnancy isn’t the time to strain your body further with dangerous dietetic limitations. Aim for dropping off about a pound per week, although chances are you’ll find it coming off faster than that. Being a mom is a high-energy proposition!